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Travel Pack – Etha™ Botanical Tablets


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Our Travel Packs include 7.5 grams of the finest botanical tablets in small pouches that are perfect to take with you while on the move.

Travel Packs also come in 3 Bundles for savings:

Regardless of what you choose, you will get the finest botanicals containing lab-verified, bio-active alkaloids.

Directly-Sourced, Whole-Leaf Botanicals

Etha™ works closely with harvesters to sustainably pick wildcraft botanicals from deep in the forest.  Our harvesters follow strict Etha™ procedures for indoor drying and heat treatment to eliminate potentially harmful contaminants like salmonella.  Once dried, the botanicals are ground to Etha's exact specifications, packaged fresh, and shipped to our laboratory for testing and quality check. If everything checks out, we do our final filtering, pasteurization, and blending at our cGMP facilities in the USA.  Learn More

100% Lab Verified Botanicals

Etha™ sets the standard for laboratory testing.  Each strain in every harvest is tested at our own Etha Labs as well as at independent, 3rd-party labs.  Test results are made available online - HERE and included on each bag of botanicals.  Utilizing High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Etha™ tests for adulterants, heavy metals, and verifies botanical purity.  Total alkaloid content as well as individual alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are measured and used to make our blends so we can guarantee consistent high quality.  Learn more

Triple Filtered and Ultra-High Heat Pasteurized 

Etha™ botanical powders go through multiple stages of filtration to provide you with consistently smooth botanical powder.  Our botanicals are also heat treated during the drying procedure to eliminate potential contaminates.  Once the botanicals are lab verified and quality checked, they go through ultra-high heat pasteurization at our cGMP facilities in the USA.  This pasteurization process helps to reduce potentially harmful pathogens like salmonella while retaining beneficial alkaloid content.

Convenient Tablets

Once our botanicals pass ALL of our test, Etha™ utilizes industrial tablet press machines to apply over 5-tons of pressure to create our botanical tablets. Etha tablets are made with only 100% pure botanicals with no fillers, binders, lubricants, or additives (only a silica pillow pak is added to each bag for moisture control).  Finally, the botanical tablets are quality inspected one last time for your safety and satisfaction.  Learn more about the tablet press process and see a DIY video - Learn more

AKA cGMP Approved Vendor

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) is the proper monitoring and control of all manufacturing processes and facilities. A company has to ensure that their botanicals are manufactured and sold in a safe, high quality way. At Etha™, we take pride and ownership in being cGMP compliant and exceeding the baseline standards that have been set forth.  We have been able to develop and implement necessary procedures and protocols to ensure that we are delivering 100% safe and pure botanicals all out of our facilities in the USA.  To learn more about cGMP and what Etha™ does to exceed the standards, please read this article - Learn more

Weight .4 oz
Dimensions 1 × .1 × 2 in
Single or Multi Travel Pack(s)

Maeng Da Premium Blend (7.5 grams), SunRise Premium Blend (7.5 grams), MidDay Gold Premium Blend (7.5 grams), SunSet Premium Blend (7.5 grams), Full Spectrum Premium Blend (7.5 grams), WorkOut Premium Blend (Test) (7.5 grams), Green Pure Vein (7.5 grams), Red Pure Vein (7.5 grams), White Pure Vein (7.5 grams), Yellow Pure Vein (7.5 grams), Pure Travel Bundle (Green, Red, White, and Yellow), Premium Travel Bundle (Maeng Da, SunRise, MidDay Gold, and SunSet), Full Travel Bundle (Maeng Da, SunRise, MidDay, SunSet, Green, Red, White, and Yellow)

17 reviews for Travel Pack – Etha™ Botanical Tablets

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I wasn’t sure about Etha tablets and what strain to go with so I got the full starterpack. I twas nice being able try it all. Tablets are better than capsules for me. I think I like Sunrise blend or Red Vein. Probably will get both to see which one works best for me. Try the full starter pack if you are unsure about Etha. And do the free sample link to get $10 off. Every little bit helps!

I already had a good kratom vendor when I saw Etha’s post. The idea of tablets was what interested me. I decided to try their Sunrise free sample. I love it. The tablets are pretty easy to take. Better than powders. I now buy their regular bags. You get a discount if you buy more so I recommend doing that to save some money. Wish they gave discounts if you buy different types of kratom in bulk, but the Sunrise blend has been working well so I guess it is fine.

Saw your review on Seana K Holistic Stop web channel. Had to try!

This is so much better than making capsules yourself, I can’t believe it! The tablets are a much nicer and smaller size… There’s no taste at all, and they’re so much easier to take with you. Also I don’t have to take as big of a dose as the mixture they use must have a higher alkaloid content than when I cap it myself. Either way, once you try it you’ll be sold! The sunrise blend works great for my back pain and anxiety… I can’t recommend this more!

There is no going back! I have chronic pain fibromyalgia, chiari, ddd, peripheral neuropathy and arthritis and a bunch of other things so my life is pretty much pain from the moment I wake to the moment I sleep even on strong medications nothing helps. So I tried the sample pack and didn’t expect much but WOW I WAS FINALLY ABLE TO MOVE AND HAD ENERGY FIRST TIME IN APROX 2 YEARS. For me this is heaven sent today I placed an order because I can’t see myself not taking this. PLEASE TRY THIS I’M TELLING EVERYBODY ABOUT THIS MY ONLY REGRET IS NOT FINDING THIS SOONER!

I was on many different medicines to keep my fibromyalgia and other pain in control. I got one of the free sample packs of kratom from Etha. I heard about kratom before but had not tried it. It really helped with my pain. I’m considering stopping most of my other medicines. Thanks Etha for making me aware of kratom and for these tabs.

I love this product. It helps sooo much with my pain. The customer service is amazing as well. I cannot say enough about how great it is. Thank you!

You’re going to love Etha’s tablets. You might as well save some dough and just get full bags. Trust me. You’re going to flip after you try this stuff.

I know you’re thinking it is too good to be true that some plant called kratom can help you. Trust me, kratom has helped many people for hundreds of years with pain and mood disorders. I’m one of them. The only issue I run into is finding a vendor I can trust. Not anymore! Etha does more than any other vendor in giving customers good kratom. Lab test online, check! Treating for things that will get you sick, check! New way to take my kratom now as tablets, check! Go ahead and try a sample, but you’ll want to get a full bag ASAP!!!

Suffer from anxiety that keeps me from getting things done and having meaningful relationships in my life. I heard about kratom but was scared to try with all the negative press from the FDA. I’m glad a friend gave me a travel pack to try. My life has so changed. I have more energy and feel happier and less stressed out. For some reason, I am just able to deal with things better when I have kratom in me. You have a new customer Etha!

As a whole Kratom has saved my life! I’ve never experienced pain management, anxiety relief, and overall wellbeing from any medication like I’ve felt with Kratom. Due to medical issues, I have no other choice than to take Kratom in powder form with yogurt, applesauce, etc. Needless to say, it’s been very challenging due to the inconvenience of dosing I require. I had just about given up on the thought of ever having a “tablet” form of Kratom, until I found Etha; they are a Godsend!!!
Over the last 3 years I’ve tried different vendors, strains, etc. While I’ve had good experiences across the board, there IS NOT a single vendor that can begin to come close to the quality, safety, and genuine heart and soul that ETHA adheres to. Etha is hands down the most reputable vendor of Kratom available!
To the founders of Etha….Thank you for being the miracle I’ve been praying for.. …thank you for your passion and dedication. Be confident knowing….you are changing people’s lives, you’re providing hope to the many that have been hopeless for so long.

Can you please tell me which one too purchase I have fibromyalgia & Lupus my bodies in Constance pain. I see the many strains which one would be best for me?

Everyone’s body is so different. Our most popular is SunRise premium blend for the day and SunSet blend for the evening. People with similar conditions as you like those two blends the most. We also offer travel pack bundles if you’d like to try all of the blends and pure veins to see which works best for you. We wish you good health.

Top knoch packaging I’m mean the best I’ve seen, and I’ve been drudging through internet venders, local head shops , herbal shops, and kratom bars for 4 years now. This is like better than OPMS packaging quality. And you don’t seem to be hesitant to say this product may be for consumption. After completely reading and understanding the disclaimer of course.

About to wake up And try me a wakeke-full dose before work, I’ll give ya an update

My husband has back pain from surgery to remove discs and now has Lyme disease, he is tired all the time and has caught himself falling asleep while driving. Which of these blends would be good for him to try for his pain and fatigue and depression associated with his Lyme disease? Hope this will help him especially with the fatigue. Thank you

Excellent product (Green Sample Pack), very pleased with it’s quality, packaging and form – in my opinion the tablets are superior to any other form. It is very effective for my issues. Tablets make life so much easier, no waste, no mixing issues. Very professional presentation and being AKA preferred due to the testing, sealed the deal for me. Life changers producing life changing products! THANK YOU!

Just rec’d the green/blue sample pack. Just says LIVE FULLY on top. is this a blended strain or a specific name? Want to know what to order later if this one works. Will start taking in a bit. I am hoping for something for chronic pain from MS, knee and back pain. Thanks!

Thanks for giving ETHA a try. Please turn over your travel pack and look for the label on the back. It will tell you exactly what pure vein or premium blend you purchased, lab test results, as well as the info so you can look your detailed test results. We hope you love the ETHA experience and come back for more. Live Fully!

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