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Etha™ Premium Revive DayKit™ Travel Packs

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As co-founders of ETHA Natural Botanicals, being pulled in many different directions throughout the day can take its toll on our bodies, especially for both of us who suffer from chronic pain as a result of injuries and health issues. This is why we’ve worked with our R&D team to specifically create blends that work harmoniously to get us through the day – from sunrise to sunset.

Live Fully,

Alexander and Victor


3 TOTAL 7.5 gram Travel Packs  - 1 SunRise 7.5 grams Travel Pack, 1 MidDay Gold 7.5 grams Travel Pack, and 1 SunSet 7.5 grams Travel Pack

Start the day on the right foot with ETHA SunRise premium blend.  Supports Occasional Discomfort Relief & Promotes Vitality.†

Enjoy an afternoon booster with ETHA MidDay Gold premium blend.  Supports Temporary Discomfort Relief & Response to Stress.†

Wind down in the evening with ETHA SunSet premium blend.  Supports Occasional Discomfort Relief & Response to Muscle Overuse.†




Directly-Sourced, Whole-Leaf Botanicals

Etha™ works closely with harvesters to sustainably pick wildcraft botanicals from deep in the forest.  Our harvesters follow strict Etha™ procedures for indoor drying and heat treatment to eliminate potentially harmful contaminants like salmonella.  Once dried, the botanicals are ground to Etha's exact specifications, packaged fresh, and shipped to our laboratory for testing and quality check. If everything checks out, we do our final filtering, pasteurization, and blending at our cGMP facilities in the USA.  Learn More

100% Lab Verified Botanicals

Etha™ sets the standard for laboratory testing.  Each strain in every harvest is tested at our own Etha Labs as well as at independent, 3rd-party labs.  Test results are made available online - HERE and included on each bag of botanicals.  Utilizing High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Etha™ tests for adulterants, heavy metals, and verifies botanical purity.  Total alkaloid content as well as individual alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are measured and used to make our blends so we can guarantee consistent high quality.  Learn more

Triple Filtered and Ultra-High Heat Pasteurized 

Etha™ botanical powders go through multiple stages of filtration to provide you with consistently smooth botanical powder.  Our botanicals are also heat treated during the drying procedure to eliminate potential contaminates.  Once the botanicals are lab verified and quality checked, they go through ultra-high heat pasteurization at our cGMP facilities in the USA.  This pasteurization process helps to reduce potentially harmful pathogens like salmonella while retaining beneficial alkaloid content.

Convenient Tablets

Once our botanicals pass ALL of our test, Etha™ utilizes industrial tablet press machines to apply over 5-tons of pressure to create our botanical tablets. Etha tablets are made with only 100% pure botanicals with no fillers, binders, lubricants, or additives (only a silica pillow pak is added to each bag for moisture control).  Finally, the botanical tablets are quality inspected one last time for your safety and satisfaction.  Learn more about the tablet press process and see a DIY video - Learn more

AKA cGMP Approved Vendor

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) is the proper monitoring and control of all manufacturing processes and facilities. A company has to ensure that their botanicals are manufactured and sold in a safe, high quality way. At Etha™, we take pride and ownership in being cGMP compliant and exceeding the baseline standards that have been set forth.  We have been able to develop and implement necessary procedures and protocols to ensure that we are delivering 100% safe and pure botanicals all out of our facilities in the USA.  To learn more about cGMP and what Etha™ does to exceed the standards, please read this article - Learn more

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 5 × .1 × 8 in
Bag Size

Two 7.5 grams Travel Packs, Two 75 grams Full Bags


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