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Etha™ Premium Botanical Blend – MidDay Gold™


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ETHA™ Premium Botanical Blend - MidDay Gold™

Enjoy an afternoon booster with ETHA MidDay Gold premium blend.  Supports Temporary Discomfort Relief & Response to Stress.†

Premium Blend of Fermented Pure Vein GREEN™ and Fermented Pure Vein WHITE™ kratom.

MidDay Gold™ is traditionally used to support focus and alleviate temporary discomfort.  It promotes energy and supports a healthy response to stress.†


Directly-Sourced, Whole-Leaf Botanicals

Etha™ works closely with harvesters to sustainably pick wildcraft botanicals from deep in the forest.  Our harvesters follow strict Etha™ procedures for indoor drying and heat treatment to eliminate potentially harmful contaminants like salmonella.  Once dried, the botanicals are ground to Etha's exact specifications, packaged fresh, and shipped to our laboratory for testing and quality check. If everything checks out, we do our final filtering, pasteurization, and blending at our cGMP facilities in the USA.  Learn More

100% Lab Verified Botanicals

Etha™ sets the standard for laboratory testing.  Each strain in every harvest is tested at our own Etha Labs as well as at independent, 3rd-party labs.  Test results are made available online - HERE and included on each bag of botanicals.  Utilizing High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Etha™ tests for adulterants, heavy metals, and verifies botanical purity.  Total alkaloid content as well as individual alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are measured and used to make our blends so we can guarantee consistent high quality.  Learn more

Triple Filtered and Ultra-High Heat Pasteurized 

Etha™ botanical powders go through multiple stages of filtration to provide you with consistently smooth botanical powder.  Our botanicals are also heat treated during the drying procedure to eliminate potential contaminates.  Once the botanicals are lab verified and quality checked, they go through ultra-high heat pasteurization at our cGMP facilities in the USA.  This pasteurization process helps to reduce potentially harmful pathogens like salmonella while retaining beneficial alkaloid content.

Convenient Tablets

Once our botanicals pass ALL of our test, Etha™ utilizes industrial tablet press machines to apply over 5-tons of pressure to create our botanical tablets. Etha tablets are made with only 100% pure botanicals with no fillers, binders, lubricants, or additives (only a silica pillow pak is added to each bag for moisture control).  Finally, the botanical tablets are quality inspected one last time for your safety and satisfaction.  Learn more about the tablet press process and see a DIY video - Learn more

AKA cGMP Approved Vendor

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) is the proper monitoring and control of all manufacturing processes and facilities. A company has to ensure that their botanicals are manufactured and sold in a safe, high quality way. At Etha™, we take pride and ownership in being cGMP compliant and exceeding the baseline standards that have been set forth.  We have been able to develop and implement necessary procedures and protocols to ensure that we are delivering 100% safe and pure botanicals all out of our facilities in the USA.  To learn more about cGMP and what Etha™ does to exceed the standards, please read this article - Learn more

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Been a fan of Etha kratom for awhile. This Midday Gold fits right into the lineup. It is my favorite now. Might be because it is new, but I like the energy and pain relief it is giving me. Thanks Etha for adding this new one.

Just what I needed to help me through the day. Anxiety and pain are gone!!! I absolutely recommend this Gold blend.

I use to NOT be able to make it through a day without being tired and having to nap. It was always hard to focus on my boring job after lunch. I tried some of this Midday Gold kratom. What a difference!!! For me, it isn’t like coffee. I’m not jittery. I’m just awake and focused. My back pain goes away too which is nice. Highly recommend this blend. My favorite!!!

Just added this one to my favorite, as with any blend you need to find the one that works best for you. Give your self a few days to decide, travel packs are a great way to try things first and see what works for you. twenty years of high voltage work has taken its toll on my body and I find etha has given me life back no more OTC pills all day long that don’t work. thanks Ethosnatural for a great product.

Thanks David for the review. We are happy to hear that you no longer need OTC pills. Getting your life back with Etha kratom. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

My surprising favorite blend!!! I get pain relief, energy, and focus. Helps with my back pain. Sunrise is good too, but I seem to do better with this Midday gold. Try it to see if you like it more. I do!!!!

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